Wiser men than me once summed it all up by saying, “All things must pass.”

I always get this sinking, end-of-summer-camp feeling on the last day of tour. It’s when I start to realize that hey, maybe I should have hung out with this guy more, or man, I should have gotten to know that guy better; I’ll miss seeing his smiling face pass me by on my way to coffee. But so it goes.

The Appetite for Construction tour has really been amazing. First of all, it’s the first tour we’ve done in a while where some of the proceeds go to charity. And a great charity at that. After being on some of the builds and getting to know a little more about Habitat, I feel honored to have been at least a small part of something so meaningful.

Getting acquainted with Switchfoot a little was wonderful as well. We’re not separated by many years, but I felt like a youngster next to them, looking up to older brothers you’d like to emulate. With Switchfoot, what you see on stage with them is what you get. They are a bunch of humble, funny, engaging guys that are an encouragement to be around, and they led Bible studies on Sundays that were a source of nourishment and camaraderie. I think God is pleased with them.

Ruth are a bunch of frank, hard-working fellows whose affections are genuine and whose affectations are none. They definitely fall under the should-have-gotten-to-know-them-better category. Once or twice one of them would say something so endearing in conversation it took me totally off-guard.

High points of the tour:
1) Habitat builds that made me feel like a normal person keeping normal hours
2) Bocce ball
3) DANCE PARTIES on Switchfoot’s bus
4) Copious amounts of Guitar Hero
5) Watching our bus driver Eddie’s miniature wiener dog perform miniature tricks

Low points of the tour:
1) 12 people is too much for one bus
2) Embarrassingly and painfully hitting my thumb with a hammer on a build
3) “Tour Olympics” that didn’t quite turn out
4) Being weepy watching Dave leave the stage of his last tour show


Listening to "Like an eagle stirs its nest"
from the album songs hidden in eggs
by Roger Flyer