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I was really sad to hear that my good friend Mandy’s mom was recently diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of cancer. As her mom is meeting this thing head on with chemo, Mandy, along with my other friend Mandy, is fighting back by running a triathlon to raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society whose efforts go toward research and support for the patients and their families. I’m really proud of her. To find out more (with ways to donate) check out Mandy’s Team in Training page:

Go Mandy!

Banana nana fo fethan.

So this is old news by now, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, Ethan Luck will now be the drummer for Relient K. It is with extreme pleasure that I type that. I’ve been an Ethan fan for a number of years now, ever since Ace played a show with The Supertones in Moorhead, MN. He came up to Josh and me, introducing and ensconcing himself in the tenderer places in our hearts. I was immediately struck with how unaffectedly friendly he was. Just a good dude.

A few years later I got a chance to play in a band with him. It was my first time playing bass in a band; Ethan played the guitar. Those few days that the band lasted confirmed to me the awesomeness of Mr. Luck. He brought his wife Kalle along and I remember wishing that I could hang out with that couple a lot more often. They are such an encouragement to be around.

Then a year ago or so Ethan started coming out on the road with Relient K as a tech. It was great having him around all the time. A position on the back of the stage eventually opened up, and Ethan kindly offered his services. We accepted. Woohoo!

Next week we’re hitting the road for a few shows, and I’m excited to see how we do with Ethan holding down the fort. If you’re in the area come see us and make sure to welcome our new heavily tattooed gentle giant.

Me my mo methan.


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