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Sarah and I adopted a little kitten yesterday. Neither of us are really “cat people”, or animal people for that matter, but this one little kitty just captured our hearts. After tossing around a few names like Hermione, Tempest, Jasmine, and Killer (one of my favorites since she’s such a shy little kitty), we finally settled on “Regan”. It was Sarah’s suggestion, and I think it fits perfectly. Sarah says she’s a domestic long-hair mix tabby. To me she looks like a grey striped kitty with long hair that sticks up like crazy all over the place. Not too sure about all this tabby business.

Last night we decided we couldn’t be without our new little kitty, so we had her sleep with us. At different points in the night we found her sleeping either on Sarah’s face or in my armpit. Perhaps little Regan wanted to get back at me for my offending pit-smell, because when I woke up this morning I found that she had left a few presents on my jeans that were lying on the floor. I don’t think anyone else could poop on my jeans and get away with it quite as easily as little Regan did. In fact my first thought was “Oh, she took her first poo! Great!”

I love our little kitty.


Listening to "Solar Sister"
from the album Dream All Day - The Best of The Posies
by The Posies

Hey, check out the flash animation I put together for my band.


Listening to "All in the Name of Progress"
from the album From Left to Right
by Adhesive

My life is a series of small accomplishments.


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from the album Undone - The Sweater Song
by Weezer

Sarah and I drove in my mini-car and went mini-golfing last night. We’ve got a bit of a rivalry going on when it comes to mini-golf… actually any mini-sport makes us competitive. To make it fair, I kept score and Sarah added it up at the end. She claims that she won, but you know how girls are with math.

Listening to "Lazy"
from the album 4-Wheel Vibe
by Bracket

Brian Regan last night was so awesome. It was mostly new material, and what was crazy was that he didn’t do the “You too” bit even though the tour was the “You Too” tour. I’d highly recommend seeing him if you ever get the chance.

Listening to "Elenor"
from the album Blow in the Wind
by Me First And The Gimme Gimmes