You might have seen this on a few of my friends’ blogs, but I thought I show it here as well. This is us on a day off in Savannah, GA:


I was sitting there whiling away my time by playing a game of internet poker (a game I won, booyah!) and I looked over to my left to see the sight I saw that you can see above, see. “Whoa…” I muttered, “Laptop Lane.” Everyone then started to notice and we all thought it was funny, so Ethan took a picture.

It is funny, but also a little sad. All of us sitting there, joking together, sure, but each in our own little world. I remember touring without computers, even with just one band phone. There was a definite sense of camaraderie in all of us watching a movie together in the lounge, or having a big Tekken tournament in the back. Now I’ll just download some tv shows and seclude myself in my bunk. It’s very convenient, but pretty lame, too. Maybe I’m just on the computer too much in general.