If I haven’t made it abundantly clear yet that I am a dork let me solidify that opinion in your mind: I play World of Warcraft. You see they reel you in by offering a free 10-day trial of their software and online game-play. It’s insidious.

So now I’m that guy on tour. Ethan will walk by my bunk (where I hole up like a level 12 Rogue Gnome) and say, “Hey Warne, what are you playing? Nerd of Alert-craft?” then stomp away, roaring with laughter. Well the joke’s on him because I’ve got a 32-point Dragonslayer sword.

If you ever find yourself in Azeroth look me up. I’m a level 21 Night Elf Priest named Oohimscary, as in “Ooh, I’m scary!” We’ll duel.