On our walk tonight Sarah and I decided to stop by our friend Legs’ place to ask him if he’d like to join us. He was busy cooking a meal but invited us in to “visit”, as the old people say. He had just burned his hand in the oven, so we were commiserating with him about that, when all of a sudden he told Sarah he might be able to see comedian Brian Regan with us on Thursday. I thought he must be confused.

I had talked with Sarah a few weeks ago about the possibility of seeing Brian Regan but had concluded I’d probably be out of town recording. After finding out yesterday that I’d be in Denver for another week, Sarah covertly went ahead and got us some tickets as my birthday present (for my …ahem… golden birthday). Then she left Legs a message asking if he’d like to go as well, making sure to mention that it was a surprise for me. Well that apparently did not register in that brain of his.

So back in the apartment… Legs tells us he might be able to go with us on Thursday. Sarah, in consternation, asserts that he must be confused, that she did not call him.

Legs, wide-eyed: “What?! You called me today and asked if I wanted to go with you to see Brian Regan.”

Sarah, staring hard: “No I didn’t.”

Legs, vacant look: “Yes, you did.”

Sarah, angry eyes: “Dude, I did not call you.”

Legs, raised eyebrow: “I’m pretty sure it was you.”

Sarah, arms flailing: “LEGS! I said it was a surprise!”

Legs, sheepish: “Uh…..”



My wife is amazing.

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