On Sunday Sarah and I went to the People’s Fair in downtown Denver along with some friends. Normally at an outing like this Sarah and I justify the ticket price with people watching, i.e. every outlandish person we see is worth some monetary value that goes against what we paid to get in. Example: “Ooh, look at that guy wearing Zubaz and a see-through mesh belly shirt! That guy’s worth at least $1.25.” Well the People’s Fair was free, which threw out the need for this justification, but even so our people watching was a bit disappointing. The only person I thought worth any amount was a guy with a t-shirt that read “ANGER” in huge letters across the chest. Baffling.

The booths and the peddled wares therein, however, proved much more promising. There was, of course, the terrible airbrush t-shirts booth, the wind chimes booth, the men’s-tie-made-into-a-manpurse booth, and the homemade jams booth. But my favorite was the one selling hats for dogs. It was called “K-9 Kovers” or something like that. In this booth were four or five dogs in varying degrees of repose, each with his own K-9 Kover and embarrassed smile. The hats’ best marketing point (in my estimation): “Your dog can even swim with his hat on!” I thought of alerting the Humane Society.

Listening to "No Matter What"
from the album No Dice
by Badfinger